Week 7

This Week we learned the following : –Stakeholder-lecturer ( Which is another method for determining requirements ) –Re-engineering ( Which is kind of making maximum use of the available resources, trying to make… Continue reading

Week 14- 15 :(

I want more sweets 😥 It was the last day of our lecture, the 15 weeks were so hmmm fast :p We all love Mrs Panchoo 🙂 No talk about lecture today :p

Week 11 – Class Diagram

Every time i post something new on WordPress a Quote appears :O This time it was  : I do not like to write, i like to have written, by Gloria …. :p So… Continue reading

Week 13 – Implementation, Coding, Testing and Installation

This week we will be talking about implementation, Coding, Testing and installation. 😛  ( to many things to remember for exams 😦  ) These 3 (implementation, Coding, Testing) are altogether because whenever there… Continue reading

Week 10 – Class Test :(

Why do we have to do Class Tests 😦 We had the class test and the lecture after the test. Class Test + Lecture ,they really intend of seeing us turning into crazy… Continue reading

Week 8 – Use Case

Use Case diagram Today we learned a bit more about use case, it is a diagram which helps us to understand how an organization operates. Inside the circles it should be a two… Continue reading

Week 5 – Initiating and Planning Systems Development Projects

This week we learned about Risk Analysis which is the key activity of project initiation is the development of the project charter (information about the project) In planning (describe the project clearly) Scope… Continue reading

Week 4 – Assignment

Fact Finding 🙂 This Week we are going to do the process of Fact Finding. This consists of : -Knowing how the actual System works, -Observing the Hardware shop transactions…. We intend to… Continue reading

Week 3

Week 3 Why do we have lectures o the morning 😦 The Lecture started with a recap of what we did last week and seriously i had no idea what we did last… Continue reading

Week 2

Oh already week 2 :O Today’s lecture was about SDLC- System Development Life Cycle which comprises of : -Planning -Analysis -Design -Implementation -Maintenance Now it’s the turn for the different methodologies which was… Continue reading